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About French Bulldog

Originated from the Greek tribe, French bulldog or ‘Frenchie’ is a small sized breed of dogs which is a cross between bulldogs from England and France (1800s). Originally bred as a miniature Bulldog. They are companion dogs and need close contact with humans and have often been tagged as one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. They are free thinkers and are not meant for obedience although some have risen in competitions. The way they lavish love at their owners has also made them very popular. They can easily live with other breeds provided they are properly introduced. All thanks to the lace workers who bought their bulldogs along when they migrated. Frenchies are now very common breed in house pets.

Male : 27-30cm
Female : 26-28cm

Male : 9-12kg
Female : 9-12kg

Low to moderate shedding.

10–12 years

Frequently Asked Questions

They say ‘ A dog is a man’s best friend’. How would you feel if your best friend starts having complications over the course of its life? We make sure that never happens. Buying from us guarantees that your dog is delivered to you in the best of its health, free of any disease. Contrary to if you buy puppies online, all our breeds are :

  • of import champion parentage.
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  • free of any complications.
  • our prices include shipping.

If you buy pets online, there are a number of things to considered and we do that for you. We sure your experience with us is hassle-free.

We make sure your dog is delivered to you in all its health. Which is why we ship the dog via flight in IATA approved case/cage. Before being shipped, the puppy is properly vaccinated, dewormed and fed just enough to prevent any complications during the course of the flight. You will have to collect the puppy from the airport for which all the necessary details will be duly provided. For sure its expensive but it guarantees minimal problems for the puppy and is safe too. Don’t worry, our prices include shipping.

Snorting and snoring are habits of small size breeds so get ready to deal with them. Frenchies don’t like extreme temperatures as they have a very short coat and are prone to be affected easily by the elements. But at least because of their short coat they don’t require much bathing. French Bulldogs are playful and alert in nature and don’t require too much exercise. They are perfectly comfortable with just your company inside your home. They should be kept away from the pool because they can drown because of their short legs. In order to prevent them from getting lazy and overweight, the meals should be spaced out into 3 a day. Watch out for overweight issues as they put on weight very easily and you want to avoid that any cost. Feed those proper nutritional meals divided into parts and keep fresh and clean water available for the pup at all times.

BRUSHES FOR French Bulldog

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    Nail Clipper

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French Bulldog Temperament

Tough-on-the-outside, sweet-on-the-inside demeanor, Frenchies are one of the best companion dogs in the world. They need all the attention from their owners. Do not leave them alone in the house for more than a few hours because these dogs suffer from loneliness if they are left alone for too long it can turn into a situation. French Bulldogs can adapt easily with other animals if they have socialized properly before. They are freethinkers and are also very responsive to training if done in a positive manner. Frenchies do not require a great deal of exercise however it is best advised to take them for walks daily to keep their behavior balanced. French bulldogs are as comfortable in a small house as they are on a farm. If you are looking for a compact family dog then French bulldog is the right match for you.

French Bulldog Activity Requirements




6 Miles


30 Minutes

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