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About Yorkshire Terrier Puppies

The Yorkshire terrier is a small sized breed of dogs origination from Yorkshire, England in the 19th century, basically to catch rats in cloth mills. Its more commonly known as Yorkie. Today Yorkshire puppies are one of the most popular house pets all over the world. The breed got its name from Yorkshire because that is where the breed got its most development. The original size of the Yorkie was bigger than their present size.

The Yorkshire terrier puppy comes in a variety of colors majorly grey, black and tan coats. The coat should be glossy, silky, fine and straight. They have come a long way from being an underground dog to catch rats to now being one of the most famous small size dog breeds in the world.

8-9 inches

7-8 Pounds ( 3-3.5 kg)

They have a long coat and have hair instead of fur which grow at the same pace all year round. They don’t shed as much as dogs with fur coats do but require more brushing than other dogs.

13-20 years

Frequently Asked Questions

They say ‘ A dog is a man’s best friend’. How would you feel if your best friend starts having complications over the course of its life? We make sure that never happens. Buying from us guarantees that your dog is delivered to you in the best of its health, free of any disease. Contrary to if you buy puppies online, all our breeds are :

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If you buy pets online, there are a number of things to considered and we do that for you. We sure your experience with us is hassle-free.

We make sure your dog is delivered to you in all its health. Which is why we ship the dog via flight in IATA approved case/cage. Before being shipped, the puppy is properly vaccinated, dewormed and fed just enough to prevent any complications during the course of the flight. You will have to collect the puppy from the airport for which all the necessary details will be duly provided. For sure its expensive but it guarantees minimal problems for the puppy and is safe too. Don’t worry, our prices include shipping.

The best trait of Yorkshire Terriers is that they thrive on human attention more than anything. They are very quick learners and require minimum training. Yorkshire puppies don’t need much exercise due to their small size. They don’t require much maintenance in terms of health but due to their long hair, they require frequent brushing and trimming to keep them looking good throughout the year. Regular bathing is advised to keep the coat clean and good looking.

Take extra precaution when Yorkies are around kids. Kids might get rough with them and leave the dog injured. Be a little string in your leadership as Yorkshire terrier puppies have a tendency of being bossy.

BRUSHES FOR Yorkshire Terrier

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Yorkshire Terrier Temperament

Yorkies are playful, active and thrive on human attention. They are delicate toy dogs who love to get pampered. Your behavior with the puppy will determine how he/she will turn out to be. Yorkshire puppies are every quick both physically and mentally. They do not like to be left alone no matter what. So keep this in mind.

They are the perfect support for the elderly as they have all the time to dedicate to their dogs and that is what a Yorkie longs for. They love being in absolute comfort and want to cuddle a lot. They are better suited with home parents or with stay at home couples as they do not like to left alone.

Yorkshire Terrier Activity Requirements




6 miles


30 Minutes

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